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GPI Visitor Management System(VMS) is a software-based/mobile application security platform that enable businesses to track visitors, enforce protocols and compliance.

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Visitors Pass System

VMS is an enterprise-focused solution that can be implemented within offices, schools, stores, banks, and even airports.

It is a fully digitized system that consolidates the check-in process by capturing images of visitors, sending visitor notifications, printing custom badges, and collecting signatures - all from one single screen through a few quick taps.

It is a smart, secure, and solid front-desk tool that streamlines the visiting process and lets the user focus on their core job.


features of vms

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    visitor booking

    Hosts can pre-register their visitors prior to their visit for easy sign in and visitors can also be booked in at the point of entry.

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    custom badge printing

    GPI VMS prints custom visitor badges that help employees easily recognize visitors as well as their credentials, clearance levels and access durations.

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    visitor report

    GPI VMS can quickly and automatically generate daily, weekly or monthly visitation reports using custom data points and with multiple export options.

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    host notification

    GPI VMS sends automatic visitor notifications to the host via SMS or email them of their guest as well as their guest’s pick-up location.

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    visitor signature

    GPI VMS automatically captures electronic signatures of every visitor in your facility and stores it within your customer’s portal for easy retrieval.

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    visitor capture

    For security reasons, GPI VMS automatically captures an image of every visitor to your facility and stores it within your customer’s portal for easy retrieval

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    visitor finger print

    visitor use the finger print machine as measure for coming into the facility and the system automatically stores it within the customer's portal for record purposes.

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    visitor self sign-in/sign-out

    visitors that have not been pre booked can register at the front desk, also GPI VMS automatically logs all visitor out of the system after close of business for the day after reminder to sign out has been sent.


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